Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wildlfe watching last year - Hares

I have to confess that Hares are my favourite animal to watch for a variety of reasons. Firstly they are not just a big rabbit ! The rabbit has an easy life compared to a Hare! They are solitary creatures or in pairs but never a group. They are very shy and when startled can run at up to 45 MPH (72 KMH). Spring is a good time to spot Hares when they are 'Mad' and famous for 'boxing'. Strangely it is the females that 'box' the males as a warning that she is not ready for him ! The other thing that impresses me is that they live above ground and not in a burrow . Therefore having to survive against all natures elements. Finally there is so much folklore and mythology surrounding Hares. Often seen as an Evil creature particularly in Irish folklore. There is also a symbolic image of 3 Hares in a circle.The earliest known examples of the design can be found in Buddhist cave temples in China (581-618 CE). I think if I have a tatoo this is what I would go for ?

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