Friday, 13 December 2013

Santa comes to College

It seemed a very simple and straightforward suggestion back in early November to have a 'Secret Santa; for Christmas. The idea being that we would all draw a name out of a hat and spend a maximum of £5 on buying that person an anonymous gift.

Then someone had the bright idea that I should dress up as Father Christmas............

I suppose it would have been rude to refuse and run the risk of being called a Humbug !

So, last day of term and the reindeer's safely parked up and armed with my bulging sack of presents I arrived at Tresham College.

Thankfully I had my trusty Fairy and Elf to help give out the presents to all the boys and girls who have worked hard this year.

Everything went really well and I think a lot of fun was had by all and everybody got a present!