Bob Ross Painting Experience

I have long been an admirer of the Artist Bob Ross. During lockdown the BBC have been repeating his many series of shows ' The Joy Of Painting'.
There is something very special about his landscapes,  the use of colour and the ease in which he paints.
Add to that the most friendly , kindly and calming demeanor you could ever wish to come across.

Bob used the 'Wet on Wet' technique in which the painter continues adding paint on top of still-wet paint rather than waiting a lengthy amount of time to allow each layer of paint to dry.

The show ran from January 11, 1983 to May 17, 1994. Bob was famous for his catchphrases ,, such as 'Happy little trees or clouds'. 'This is your world and it can be however you want it to be'. Perhaps most famously of all 'we don't make mistakes only happy little accidents'. Among many more. Very sadly Bob died at the age of 52 on July 4, 1995 due to complications from Lymphoma.

I have only ever dabbled in ' …

Whaddon Chase -Swans Way (5)

Our starting point today is the village of Whaddon.  A perfect day for walking, with a dry day forecast and blue skies withlots of fluff happy white clouds. Today is going to be a lot different from the previous two legs of The Swan's Way around Milton Keynes. Prepare yourself for plenty of photos of large wide open spaces and maybe the odd sheep?
Heading out of the village we walk towards Thrift Wood passing Chase Farm and Crabtree Farm.  We go over Railway Bridge 11 and take a small route along a fairly busy 'B' road. Below is a disused railway line that seems to be in the process of being made for use again?
A bit of further investigation reveals that it is part of 'East West Rail Phase 2'. This involves upgrading and reconstructing underused and mothballed sections of the railway linking the Great Western, Chiltern, West Coast and Midland main lines north of London and providing strategic east-west route connecting key centres .Eventually it will link Oxfor…

Crownhill and Whaddon - Swans Way (4)

Back out and about again in leafy Milton Keynes on the Swans Way. I wonder what treats the walk will throw up today ?

Starting point is where we left off last time . Right next to the National Badminton Centre in one of the many park areas. It's lovely to see the streams running clear and free of litter.

It's not long before we happen upon our first place of interest!

Shenley Church End looks a very affluent area with it's large houses. It is also home to the Shenley Toot, a 13th-century motte and bailey castle. A fortification with a keep, on a raised area with a walled courtyard essentially.
Today only the motte is left and seems to be guarded by a herd of cows....Originally the home of the Earl of Chester it is now classed as an ancient monument.

The Toot mound and moat are most probably Anglo-Saxon. The high mound immediately outside the moat is a 20th century cover for a water cistern. One of the surrounding earthworks could be the platform of the medieval Manor H…

Stantonbury and Bradwell Walk - Swans Way (3)

We are back on the canal again! Seem to have spent a lot of time canalside recently which is never a bad thing though.Compared to last weekend there seems to be much more activity.
Certainly more boats on the water as people started to get some normality back after so long being sidelined.

On the face of it the route looks a little mundane, built up and urban. Milton Keynes isn't really noted for it's countryside and open spaces. However my walking companion assures me that he thinks today's walk could be quite interesting. Almost immediately we come across a lovely lake area where Archie is able to cool off. There are lots of safe walkways all around the city and the joggers and cyclists are out in force.

 As we cut across Bancroft Park we come across a Fairy village 'Sunnytopia' . It was created by a mum and her daughter during lockdown. The village has grown and grown with street names, more houses, two inns, a gym, a post office, a library, a sweet shop and ev…