North Marston - Swans Way (7)

Back on the Swans Way today and the circular route starting at North Marston looks as though it has some points of interest to explore. We had literally only just parked up and begun walking in a clockwise direction when we stumbled upon something really amazing and interesting.Well I think so anyway.It came in the form of 'The Schorne Well'.  Sir St John Scorne was rector of the parish of North Marston in 1920. At least he was often  referred to as a saint who, it is claimed, performed many miracles. These included finding cures for gout and toothache. It was during a drought that he discovered a well whose waters were said to have miraculous properties. Being a deeply religious man  he is believed to have cast the Devil into a boot! He is often pictured holding a boot with a Devil in it. Although referred to as a Saint he was never canonised. This didn't stop his shrine in the local church becoming a place of pilgrimage following his death. 

There is a little slot for don…

Castle Ashby and Whiston Walk

A walk I've wanted to do for a long time now. Today I shall be following the route detailed on the Northamptonshire walks website. Starting point is the rural shopping yard at Castle Ashby. I don't feel guilty about leaving the car there as I'm sure we shall enjoy a cup of tea when we finish the walk. We set off  to the left after leaving the car park with a view of Castle Ashby house close by.A 10,500 acre estate that is still lived in by Lord Compton 7th Marquess of Northampton.

It's a pleasant Autumn day and I've probably gone with a clothing layer too many. We veer right at a  signpost in the direction of Chadstone. Some lovely Autumn colours are already on display. Another signpost directs us uphill with some great views. Looking back we can make out Castle Ashby House and Whiston Church standing proud. 

The path takes us through a small spinney and down to a smashing free flowing stream. It's a lovely scene with the fallen logs and the calming sound of the …

Leighton Buzzard Canalside Walk

A suspiciously flat route by necessity today I'm afraid. A total ascent of 187.62ft you could say it's as flat as a pancake! An over indulgent Badminton game midweek has left me with lets just call it a Gluteus Maximus injury. The weather was quite reasonable so once again shorts were the order of the day. 
Our starting point was an industrial estate in the heart of Leighton Buzzard. Not the most auspicious of starts. It didn't get much better as we had to navigate our way through a new housing estate and overgrown paths. 

There really is very little of interest to report initially, hence the picture of the quarry above. We do reach the river though and things get even worse. The path is covered in even more stinging nettles than encountered earlier and they were bad enough. 

 It was at this point I really was regretting the shorts option over long trousers. At least the countryside had started to open up a bit and some nice views of the river and fields. We passed through th…