Wednesday, 20 January 2010

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The Wonderful Album Cover

Firstly why 'Storytellers Night' ?

This stems back to 1985 and the first band I really 'fell in love with' 'Magnum' and the iconic album 'On a Storytellers Night'. This was a time when I first started going to gigs and working for a living.
Everything about this Album is wonderful. From the amazing artwork detail by Rodney Matthews of the Elves and the Wizard around the roaring log fire. Through to the heart warming lyrics.

This album was the first to show exactly what Magnum could do and once you have listened to it you will wonder how they didn’t go on to join the rock gods of the 80’s and 90's.

The first two tracks succeed in building you up to what will probably go down in history as Magnums greatest ever track 'On A storytellers Night', a haunting intro followed by full on rock is a combination that Magnum are renowned for and in this track they achieve perfection. As the tracks play one by one you will be left wondering when is there going to be a 'duff' one. To be honest there isn’t one. All of the tracks are strong as individual tracks and combine together to make one awesome album. It is no wonder that the fans of Magnum consider this their best work.

Amazingly the band are still going and I saw them for about the 30th time just before Christmas in Leamington Spa and they were fantastic as usual.

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