Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wildlfe watching last year - Birds

Me and the Tawny Eagle during my Falconry Day.

Great Tits in our garden nest box

Spotted Flycatcher

Kestrel - Trevone Cornwall

Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden

Black Kite

I think it is important to say at this stage that I am a birder and not a Twitcher. Although we may dress similarly that is pretty much where it ends apart from liking birds of course. Us Birders love being outdoors in the countryside but it doesn't matter to us that we haven't seen every known species. We don't carry pagers and drop everything at a moments notice to see a rare species at the other end of the country. Twitchers are experts who know all the scientific names and can tell closely related species apart from a hundred yards. The whole point for a real Twitcher is to tick off sightings on a list. I can identify the majority of British birds, I do know a few scientific names and can identify the odd call or birdsong. I have also written a few birdwatching articles for local groups as well as the Heath and Hampstead Society.

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