Saturday, 17 November 2012

Within Temptation - Elements Antwerp

Since 1997, things have rocketed for WT. They have become Holland’s most successful rock band internationally. This concert called 'Elements' was a celebration of the 15 years as a band held at The Sportpaleis Antwerp Belgium. Built in 1932 The Sportpaleis is the second most visited event hall in the world to Madison Square Garden. It can hold a maximum of 18,500 people. Here is a piece of interesting trivia for you; Roy Orbison gave his very last performance at the Sportpaleis, performing "You Got It", live, for the first and only time. It was billed as 'The most significant event in the history of Within Temptation'. Along with previous band members and the odd surprise guest they were backed by by the renowned Il Novecento Orchestra.

 Everything about this show was on a grand scale, the light show, the pyros, the orchestra, stage dancers and stilt walkers there was something going on constantly. It was hard to keep up at times and a bit distracting to be honest.
Sharon gets her wings
The set kicked off with four tracks from the latest album 'Unforgiving'. Before delving into the back catalogue with; 'Our Solemn Hour', 'Stand My Ground' and 'Angels' which saw Sharon with a huge pair of inflatable wings.
Mid-set we had a number of cover versions that the band have been putting together on a weekly basis. I have to admit the original artists; Bruno Mars, David Guetta and Lana Del Rey don't mean a lot to me and were basically dance numbers. In defence there was something for everybody but I hope it's not a sign of things to come.
Great to hear one of mine and most of the crowds favourite tracks 'Mother Earth' complete with inflatable tress that sprouted up on the stage. Sharon really was in great form and there were numerous costume changes and showed boundless energy up and down the catwalk stage.
The first encore featured 'Our Farewell' and Sharon duetted with the Dutch model/singer Isabella Scholten. We also had the wonderful 'Ice Queen' and by now the whole crowd were on their feet.
The second encore and final song of the night was 'Stairway to the Stars' from 'The Unforgiving' which brought an end to a fantastic night that will live long in the memory.
Many thanks to Aubrey Scully and Michael Dewsnap for additional photos.

 Full Set List 
  • Iron
  • In the Middle of the Night
  • Faster
  • Fire and Ice
  • Our Solemn Hour
  • Stand My Ground
  • Angels
  • The Last Dance
  • Never-Ending Story
  • Say My Name
  • Candles
  • Sinead
  • Titanium (David Guetta Cover)
  • Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey cover)
  • Grenade (Bruno Mars)
  • The Promise
  • Memories
  • Mother Earth
First Encore
  • What Have You Done
  • Our Farewell (With Isabella Scholten)
  • Ice Queen
Second Encore
  • Stairway to the Stars

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  1. Hey Pete,

    I love WT period!!! Great pics of them, Sharon has such a magical voice. She's one hell of an angel,,I would say that all of their songs are great with a couple of them being my favourite ;-) Great post brother....