Sunday, 25 November 2012

Buck Cherry & Kobra and The Lotus

Kobra Paige
Nice to be on 'Home turf' at The Roadmender Northampton. As i've mentioned before we get so few decent Rock acts in these parts so an opportunity not to be missed. I was running a bit late and didn't arrive until half past six and amazingly found myself first in the queue! Formed in 2009 and from Canada K & TL are old school metal. They got a good reception and put in a powerful set although I didn't think the sound was great and the vocals were hard to distinguish. The highlight of their set was definitely the cover of Iron Maiden's 'The Wicker Man' which was a great effort. Full Set List Nayana No rest for the wicked Welcome to my funeral Forever one Heavens veins Lonely sanctuary The Wicker Man (Iron Maiden Cover) My life 50 Shades of evil
Josh Todd

Have to admit not knowing too much about Buck Cherry aside from a couple of tracks played on Planet Rock which I liked. They have actually been around since 1995 and hail from LA. They have a sixth album due out in February 2013. Singer Josh Todd has a good voice and reminded me of Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) in some ways. He is certainly no stranger to the tattoo parlour thats for sure. A good front man with also a hint of Jagger the way he strutted around the stage. It all got a bit boystrous down at the front at times but I stood my ground nevertheless. It did have it's advantages as I rose like the proverbial salmon to catch a drumstick. Also claimed a few guitar picks, one of which shaped like a razor blade. It was a good set and they did remind me of The Black Crowes in some ways. Definitely a good band and well worth the 2 mile trip into town. To save me from typing I am posting a photo of the set list.

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  1. Hey Pete,,

    How in the hell did you get a pic of yourself in the front row?!?! One of those security guys must be really cool. It was hard for me to get to the front for Nightwish in Puerto Rico but I managed to record various songs from them live. They are on my FB wall...BTW Kobra Paige is HOT!!! Rock on brother...\m/