Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lacuna Coil - Northampton

Full Set List:

Our Truth
To the Edge
I wont tell you
Im not afraid
Kill the Light
Fragmentsof Faith
Heaven's a Lie
Daylight Dancer
Wide Awake
Without Fear
Enjoy the Silence


Trip the Darkness

The set concluded with the crowd favourite and Depeche Mode cover of 'Enjoy The Silence'. A 'wag' in the crowd shouted out 'we've already had that' ! Referring to the powercut earlier. I think it was the same 'wag' who had shouted out 'can you play the air guitar'? again during the power cut. It's true you always get one in every crowd.

Really good set list from LC which drew drew mainly from Komalies, Karmacode and the more recent Shallow life. Also good to hear new material from the forthcoming 'Dark Adrenaline'. As always the crowd were loving every minute and a good cross section of all ages were present. All was going very well until out of the blue we had a powercut! However we were treated to an unscheduled drum solo from Criz while power was restored.

Dual lead singer Andrea

Before LC we had 'Straight Line Stitch' who I confess I had never heard of ? They are based out of Knoxville Tennessee and were formed in 2000.I know all this because I was speaking to singer Alexis Brown afterwards. On stage she was crazy and swore like a trooper however afterwards she was softly spoken and meek and mild as a church mouse. In fact she was like a different person .. maybe it was?
Not really my cup of tea but they put a lot into the performance and they will have their fans. In fact there was some serious hardcore moshing going on around me.

With Cristina

Great to see Lacuna Coil again in Northampton ! Was really impressed last time and there is a review of that gig if you search hard enough on the blog history. This tour is in support of their upcoming album "Dark Adrenaline" and the "Darkness Rising Tour". They are always very loyal to the English fans and again a lot of UK dates are included on the . It's great that they are happy to play smaller venues such as 'The Roadmender' as not many groups would. Made sure I had tickets for the meet 'n' greet this time. Despite getting soaking wet waiting to get in it was great to catch up with the band especially Criz who is a top guy as well as being a fellow Sloe Gin maker.

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