Thursday, 29 July 2010

Random July Cycle Ride Pics

Looking back towards the village of 'Old' from the middle of nowhere as is often the case when I end up on an unknown bridleway.

I love riding through corn fields the colours against the skyline when the sun is on them is especially beautiful. Also if you are lucky you can spot Hares at very close range. On this particular day I spotted five! Unfortunately I haven't mastered the art of cycling and photography yet without falling off.

I really like this picture which was taken in the Village of Chapel Brampton on the road to East Haddon. It is a great spot for watching birds of prey such as Buzzards.

The pictures above and below capture everything that I love - Blue skies, lovely cloud formation, corn field and trees. What more could I wish for?

As it getting towards the end of July I thought I would post some pictures taken around Northamptonshire whilst out on my Mountain Bike.

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