Monday, 2 August 2010

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Spratton Church

Various views from the Church Tower.

The inner cogs and wheels of the Church clock. It needs 100 cranks to keep it 'ticking' over for a week.

The Church in the Distance from the Brixworth Road

Spratton Church - Northamptonshire
The parish church of Spratton is dedicated to St Andrew and stands on Brixworth Road. The church is built from ironstone and stands on high ground in the centre of the village and has a tower with a spire. The chancel is 29 feet long by 15 feet wide. The earliest church built on the site dated from 1120, but it has been altered and remodelled considerably over the centuries. It's claim to fame is that the great great grandmother of George Washington was baptised in the church. As well as numerous members of my family as well as weddings and funerals. In some cases all three !

Decided that it was about time that I paid a long overdue visit to see my Uncle in the village of Spratton Northamptonshire. Also he has promised me some rhubarb and I fancied making another crumble.
So I biked over as it was a nice late afternoon or early evening depending on your perspective. It's only about seven and a half miles so didn't take too long.

Against my better judgement I agreed to help him 'wind up'the Church clock. Sounded nice and easy enough however where 'Uncle John is concerned nothing is ever quite what it seems. We have fallen in canals, got stuck in quicksand in a quarry, sat on a wasps nest together and various other misadventures I could but won't go into.

To even get to the clock involved a considerable climb up rustic wooden rungs and narrow ledges. There was very little to balance on , I soon discovered that using the Bells was not an option...It didn't seem to bother John too much that I was hanging on for dear life rather like Harold Lloyd in 'Safety Last'(how appropriate) back in 1949.
Once the clock was wound more agony was to follow as John insisted I get to the top of the Belltower and enjoy the views. Shoehorning myself out of the narrow window at the top I found myself out on the ledge, for some reason John had decided that he was happy where he was, however did give me plenty of encouragement in my quest. As I recall motivational phrases such as 'get a move on' and 'don't be such a baby' were offered up.
Ultimately I was glad I did as the views were superb as you will see from some of the photos posted.
I was glad to get home (with rhubarb) a little sweaty, oilstained and covered in dust and cobwebs - Happy days !

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