Saturday, 24 July 2010

Marillion -Assembly Rooms Leamington Spa

Marillion fans after the gig

What a wonderful gig in what is turning out to be one of my favourite venues!
The Assembly rooms wre packed with a wondeful knowledgable audience. Highlights for me had to be , 'King', 'Neverland' and the final encore of 'Happiness is the Road'.
I took my 17 year old stepson Henry with me , a late substitute for my wife who is abroad working. He new very little about Marillion but thoroughly enjoyed himself.

One thing is for certain that the band never get the credit or airplay that they deserve. One thing that 'H' said, “We’re just tired of the opinions of people who haven’t heard anything we’ve done in ten years. A lot of what’s spread about this band is laughable.
To accompany the release of Anoraknophobia in 2001, the band issued a press release asking critics to review the album in “a manner that is both accurate and fair. So, our challenge to you is to firstly listen to the album. Then write a review without using any of the following words: "Progressive rock", "Genesis", "Fish", "heavy metal", "dinosaurs", "predictable", "concept album". Because if you do, we'll know that you haven't listened to it.”

From my perspective i'm just so sorry that I have left it for so long , still better late than never!
A fantastic night and amazing atmosphere.

Full set list as follows -

The Invisible man
This strange Engine
Afraid of Sunlight
The Great Escape
This Town/100 Nights
The Space
The other Half
Hooks in You
3 Minute Boy
Happiness is the road

Pure emotional power during my all time favourite 'Neverland'

'H' with Bassist Pete Trevawas

Steve Rothery an absolute guitar hero just wonderful

Steve 'H' Hogarth - Wonderful emotional vocals.

I was a huge Marillion fan back in the mid 80's mainly because of larger than life lead singer Fish. I virtually wore out my vinyl copy of 'Script for a Jesters Tear' and had the wonderful Mark Wilkinson artwork adorned across my bedroom walls.
The early works of Marillion contained Fish's poetic and introspective lyrics combined with rich influences of Genesis, Pink Floyd and early Queen.
I saw the band at Leicester De-Montfort Hall and the 'Garden Party' at Milton Keynes bowl in 1986. For me they were something special and unique, songs like 'Market Square Heroes', Forgotten Sons, Grendel were epic. I loved the follow up albums, Fugazi, the Live 'Real to Reel', which featured the beautiful 'Cinderella Search' which expressed feelings that meant so much to me.
The next album 'Misplaced Childhood' brought commercial success with Kayleigh and Lavender yet somehow they kind of passed me by.
In 1987 the final album with Fish at the helm was released 'Clutching at straws'which was a dark and brooding album about lifes excesses but not in the same class as the first two albums in my opinion.
In 1988 Fish left the band for a solo career. I felt devastated, It felt like losing a loved one. Although Steve Hogarth joined Marillion in 1989 I never gave the band a chance again, my link had been broken.
Thankfully a couple of years ago I happened to hear some tracks from 'Seasons End'and my interest was renewed.
This was to be my first experience of seeing the 'new' singer Steve 'H'Hogarth a mere 16 albums later....


  1. Oh, I wish I could be there again.....I was at Leamington Spa last year,Gone Fishing- Fish Convention :o)

  2. It was a wonderful night as you would expect - Good to hear from you!