Monday, 24 May 2010

Photography Competition

It's lovely to escape from the desk for half an hour or so...

I have my own little Oasis where I escape to most days for some quiet and reflective space and time.

The backdrop to this beautiful walk is the Barclaycard building which I have tried to capture in the two photographs as it is always looming large.

Despite being in the middle of an industrial estate there is plety of wildlife including Deers, Foxes and Badgers.

Also I have recorded over forty different bird species so far- not bad for an urban area!

Refreshed I head back to the hustle and bustle of the IT world after my blast of the natural world.

Wonderful is the word I would use to describe my bike journey into the Barclaycard site in Northampton.

The colours, the scenery and the widlife all change with the seasons. I see the sun rise and set, the Swans, Ducks and Rabbits all become 'old' friends.

All this to a constant backdrop of the 'drone' that is the dual carriageway which runs parallel but thankfully out of sight of the cycle path.

I arrive at work invigorated and fully motivated knowing I can do it all over again at the end of the day.

The biggest irony being that it is actually quicker than taking the car !

I saw on the internet at work a competition that involved taking a photograph loosely based on a work theme.
The brief gave a lot of scope and tied in with the core values promoted. The photo/s had to be accompanied with a write up of up to a 100 words why you took the photos.

These are my two entries :

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