Saturday, 1 May 2010

Antwerp - Central Station and Zoo

Central Station - Antwerp

The trip to see Within Temptation started by train from Northampton to Euston. Followed by a short walk to St Pancras where I met up with Trevor to catch the Eurostar to Brussells.
From Brussells we then caught a very smart double decker train to Antwerp.
The railway station at Antwerp is stunning. Designed by Louis Delacenserie it was completed in 1905.
It has two monumental neo-Baroque facades with a large metal and glassdome with gilt and marble interior.
After a short wander around the Square which was also home to our Hotel (The Arora)as well as the gig venue we found a spot for lunch. A fine pizza washed down with a strong Belgian Beer.
After checking in to the hotel we still had a few hours to kill. Sitting in a bar enjoying the beer was not an option as the first one had sent me dizzy !!
We decided that as the zoo was right next door to the station we would pass an hour or two there.
I'm not usually a zoo lover but this one did look particularly enticing.
In fact Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest zoo's in the world.(Founded in 1843). It is home to more than 6,000 animals(769 species).
It is well known for it's high level of research and conservation work.

I have to say it was great to wander around in the sunshine and it was beautifully kept. The time whistled by and we had to be asked to leave in the end !! Strangely enough we had somehow managed to miss the giraffes and the Tigers ?? Oh well maybe next time.

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