Monday, 24 May 2010

Around Rutland Water

Carrot Creek

Normanton Church

Canadian Goose with young.

One of the many lovely country cottages on the Hambleton Peninsula

The weather this weekend has been scorching hot so the opportunity to go for a spot of walking and birding around Rutland was too good to miss.

My usual birding buddy Barry was in the driving seat on this occasion , something I was later to be very glad of..... After over indulging on Cider, San Miguel and Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer...

Rutland is the smallest County in England, By surface area it has the largest reservoir in England.

It was construction in 1975 by damming the Gwash Valley near Empingham. It flooded six or seven square kilometres of the Gwash valley as well as the side valley at the head of which lies Oakham. Nether Hambleton and most of Middle Hambleton were demolished. The neighbouring village of Upper Hambleton survived, and now sits on a peninsula within the lake known as the Hambleton Peninsula. This is where we parked up and planned to walk.

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