Monday, 7 August 2017

Sheringham 'Poppy Line'

The Norfolk Coast Path runs from Hunstanton in west Norfolk round to Sea Palling on the north east Norfolk coast.A total of 62.5 miles. We probably only managed about 2/3 miles from Sheringham as we bordered Sheringham Golf Club on our left hand side. Some smashing views in both directions as the sun tried to break through. We were treated to the rare sight of a Steam train making it's way across the countryside. As we made our way inland we managed to get on top of the bridge as the train passed through. We managed to find out that the train stopped at a nearby 'Weybourne Station'. Taking a beautiful walk around the edge of Sheringham Park we made our way to the picturesque station . It reminded me of a model village , something from a bygone age where life moved at a slower pace.
  It wasn't surprising to hear that Weybourne Station had been the location to film four episodes of the classic comedy 'Dads Army'. The famous "Royal Train" episode of Dad's Army was filmed back in 1973. It was formerly part of the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway route between Melton Constable and Cromer. The route is called the 'Poppy Line and offers a spectacularly scenic ride from Sheringham along the coast to Weybourne and through the heathland to Holt. In total a journey of 5.25 miles. After a nice cup of Green Tea on the platform it was time to take up position on the bridge to watch the next arrival

After I had a crash course in changing the points in the signal box and another cup of Green Tea (well it was thirsty work you know) We took the train back to Sheringham . For those interested in this sort of thing it was a type Y14-J15 060 loco that saw us safely and unhurried but in some quintessential style back to base. As we left the Station I heard someone calling my name? It's true I can't seem to go anywhere without bumping in to somebody I know. On this occasion it as my Teamwork colleague from Corby and her husband. They had been for the Harley Davidson rally earlier and were doing the evening dinner 'cruise' on the Poppyline.


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