Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sonata Arctica - Wolverhampton

Another different venue in Wolverhampton, this time in the shape of 'The Slade Rooms'. Named of course after the 70's Glam Rock band featuring Noddy Holder. The venue holds 550 according to its website and hosting an eclectic program. Headlining tonight are old favourites from Finland 'Sonata Arctica', supported by fellow Finns 'Thunderstone' and first up from Canada 'Striker'.

We were quite lucky to even see Striker as a few days earlier in Belfast they were unable to perform due to their singer losing his voice! Even tonight he struggled and was helped out by the rest of the band. I think a few in the crowd had turned up just to see the next band 'Thunderstone'. They were impressive enough and very much in the mold of 'Avantasia'. Another example of a very good Finnish power metal band. Must admit to be feeling excited at seeing Sonata Arctica again , a band I have a lot of time for . I did have a cheeky glimpse at previous set lists on the tour so had a good idea of what to expect. I suppose if you are promoting a new album (The Ninth Hour) it is bound to be top heavy with songs from it.The truth being we just want to hear the classic tracks we know so well. While their music is seriously technical, there was a light atmosphere throughout the small venue the use of a light up mic stand for Toni Kakko and keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg use of a keytar helped add some fun features to the performance. A superb night , the highlight being 'Full Moon' from Sonata Arctica oh and not forgetting we also had a marriage proposal from a fan on the front row to his future wife. Beautifully handled by Toni and i'm pleased to say the young lady did say yes. iT would have been great to hear some favourites such as ; 'Replica', 'The Cage' 'Kingdom for a Heart', 'San Sebastian', 'Victoria's Secret' , 'Flag in the Ground, or even 'Las drop falls' but it wasn't to be. 

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