Saturday, 18 March 2017

Loreena Mckennitt - The London Palladium

First ever trip to the world famous London Palladium built in 1910 and someone i've been waiting a long time to see. Just walking into this magnificent theatre you can feel the culture oozing out of the walls. Inside the ghosts of those who have been before circle high above the stage and into the upper circle looking down approvingly. A perfect setting you might say for the delightful Loreena Mckennitt and her 'trio' companions 'Brian Hughes (Guitars,Bouzouki)and Caroline Lavelle (Cello, Recorder and Vocals).


  From our perch on Row A of the Royal Circle we had a perfect view of the stage. it’s very easy to see why Loreena McKennitt is a twice Grammy-nominated artist. Third night of this 26 date European tour that started in Glasgow and ends in Eindhoven. A stunning performance, utterly magical. I went through all the emotions and was moved and utterly enthralled (some songs I think I forgot to breathe). To say her voice is haunting is an understatement. Not everything went strictly according to plan however... There were hiccups in the show. A harp string broke, a 'D' string I believe and a very rare experience Loreena told us. You wouldn't have noticed though as she continued playing like a true professional. There was also a hint of embarrassment as the words to Greensleeves slipped her mind but the audience filled in the blanks. The set list took a shuffle as the harp got re-strung and yet the concert still flowed beautifully.While all this was going on there was a bit of fill in and a couple of jokes too
 McKennitt has made the study of the Celts her life’s work and has shared it with the world via both traditional ballads and her own original compositions. The emigration section was very powerful. With diary extracts from those at Grosse Isle in Quebec, tending to the Irish refugees, to Loreena’s own musings on her journey to discover the Celts. It was a history lesson, a musical journey and a spiritual experience. Whatever you say I know that I almost floated down the steps of the theatre emotionally and spiritually uplifted.

Set List (First Half) 
Samain Nights All Souls Night
Annachie Gordon
Penelopes Song
Morrisons Jig
The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Down by the Sally Gardens
The Emigration Tunes
The Lark in the Clear Air

(Second Half)
 On a Bright May Morning
 Stolen Child
 Bonny Portmore
The Bonny Swans
 The Lady of Shalott
The Old Ways
 Dante's Prayer

 Encore 1 
The Mummers' Dance

 Encore 2
 Full Circle

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