Saturday, 20 December 2014

Fish - Roadmender Northampton

It had been a long wait but at last the waiting was over. Originally scheduled for May 16th it was cancelled due to the illness suffered by guitarist Robin Boult. Even now some dates are being re-scheduled as Fish is having a few voice issues. So it wasn't surprising that a wag in the crowd greeted him with 'Happy Easter'. With Marillion he made 4 albums before leaving in 1987. As a solo artist he recorded 10 albums including the latest 'A Feast of Consequences' after which this tour is named. It was the most packed that I have seen the Roadmender but it didn't stop Fish remarking on what a quiet crowd it was. 'Nobody has even shouted our for 'Grendel' yet'. 'It's a sorry state when you have to request your own heckles'. Lots of 'Fish tales' between the songs which were interesting and amusing. Highlights for me though were the two Marillion songs ; Heart of Lothian and the brilliant 'Incubus' as an encore. It would have been nice to have sen more Marillion songs in the set list but it seems to be an area consciously moved away from.

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