Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gozo Trip - Part 3

Good progress was being made with the painting. Peter is seen here applying a final topcoat to one of the exterior bedroom doors. Due to the extreme Summer heat they need a lot of maintenance.

I made the shortish walk to the nearby Gurdan Lighthouse. The Lighthouse rises to approximately 161 metres above sea level and offers spectacular 360 degree views of the island. It was built in 1851 during the British period to monitor and assist maritime traffic in the region.
'Blissful tranquility' is promised ... well not today as it's the hunting season where literally anything that moves is blasted in the sky or on land. Personally I find it sickening and hope that a complete ban is enforced sooner rather than later. Apparently it is traditional and as long as no more than 2 birds are shot then all is OK ... That must be some sort of joke from what I saw.

View from the Lighthouse

Standing in the heart of the Capital Victoria is the fortified City or Castle of the Citadel (The Citadella). It is known to have been first fortified during the Bronze Age 1500 BC.The massive defensive stone walls of the fortifications which rise above the town and were built by the Knights to protect the village communities from foraging Corsair attempting to take slaves and threatening invasion of Moslem forces fighting Christendom. You can actually walk all around the walls if you have a good head for heights and the views are spectacular. The Old Prison is situated in The Citadel, overlooking Cathederal Square. It was built in 1548, to replace an earlier Prison building. It was in use until the beginning of the 20th century. The walls of the cells and corridors in the old prison are covered in graffiti. It is considered the largest collection of historical graffiti in one single place on the Maltese Islands. The representations are often of ships, and date from different periods. There are also hands, carved by illiterate inmates: Crosses, names, dates, games and figures also appear on the limestone walls. Although it was the 23rd April (St Georges Day)actually the third Sunday of July is always festa day. It is Gozo's annual St George's Day. However St George is still the Patron Saint of Gozo. A Programme of Liturgical Celebrations was taking place including a procession, High Mass and culminating with a Brass Band parade from The Basilica of St George which was very entertaining.

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