Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gozo Trip - Part 2

What better way to start a Sunday than with a traditional Gozitan breakfast?
We had gone to the island capital 'Victoria' which was surprisingly busy with many of the roads closed off to traffic. The reason soon became apparent - Trot racing. So far the weather had been sunny if a little breezy. Unfortunately the local fisherman who know about these things said that a front was coming in meaning bad weather for a few days...

 The stunning coastline reminded me of the rugged North Cornwall coast. As we walked toward G─žadira Bay the criss cross grids of the salt pans were visible.
Sea waves fill the crevices of the coastline and slowly dry throughout the summer months, thus allowing the crystallization of salt into particles. The hotter the temperature the quicker salt would be available. The saltpans are still in use to this day for the collection of sea salt. The easy part of the procedure is having them flooded by the sea in rough weather, and then sizzled dry by the sun. The residual salt crystals are then harvested in back-breaking manual labour.  .

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