Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Delain & Serenity - Leamington Spa

Set List

  • Manson#

  • Stay Forever

  • Invidia

  • Get the devil out of me#

  • Sever

  • April Rain

  • Go Away

  • Milk and Honey#

  • Shattered

  • Silhouette of a dancer

  • Virtue and Vice

  • Pristine
# New songs with working titles

Sleepwalkers Dream/Control the storm/The gathering

With Newboy' Timo who has fitted in perfectly.

'Heres one I prepared earlier' not presenting legal papers as someone thought.

Delain just go from strength to strength and were the best I have ever seen them. Speaking to someone who was at the Manchester gig they said that the sound here at Leamington was much better.
I was really interested to see how new guitarist Timo Somers got on. Any concerns I might have had soon disapeared as he was totally at home and clearly having the time of his life.
Three new songs were given their debut! Although currently under working titles and subject to change. I thought that had a slightly heavier feel to much of the tracks on the previous two albums. It will be interesting to see how they turn out once they on the album. Hopefully release date will towards the end of year depending on the Record Company.

Me with Serenity after the gig

Lisa Middelhauve (Ex Xandria) made a guest appearance to sing a duet with Georg 'Fairytales' from the Fallen Sanctuary album.

Had no idea what to expect from Serenity although I had only heard good reports.
From the Tyrol region of Austria Serenity were formed in 2004 and have released three albums to date. The latest being this years Death & Legacy which naturally featured heavily in a really powerful set.
Lead vocals are provided by Georg Neuhauser, who I think is very reminiscent of Klaus Meine (Scorpions).
Thought they were excellent, powerful proressive symphonic metal at its best!

Georg Neuhauser

Lost in Thought are a 5 piece Progressive metal band from Wales with a wide variety of musical influences. Not least Dream Theater in my opinion. They combine elements of progressive rock/metal, melodic metal-core and symphonic metal to create their unique and epic sound. Lost In Thought's music consists of both heavy and distinct riffs, large orchestrations, melodic guitar and keyboards. Powerful,epic vocal melodies are provided by Nate Loosemore.
Most of their tracks were from their debut album 'Opus Arise' which I purchased as I was so impressed!

Great to be seeing Delain again especially at Leamington Spa which is a lovely venue.
Good to catch up with Michael from Huddersfield again who I hadn't seen since the Nightwish meet'n'greet at Brixton.
Equally looking forward to seeing Serenity from Austria who I have nothing but good reports about. I won't go into great detail again regarding Delain as there are two previous reviews on my blog in previous months.
However before either Delain or Serenity took the stage we were treated to 'Lost in Thought'.


  1. Some smashing pics there!
    Fantastic gig, really enjoyed it - wrote my own blog post here:

  2. Hey Pete,,

    Very nice pics of the band, wish I was there my friend.

  3. Thanks Ronnie/Fernando. I'll check out your blog Ronnie.

    Cheers Peter.