Friday, 22 April 2011

Norfolk Weekend - Cromer

View of the Pier entrance as we made our way back up towards the Town centre. Now to track down that Crab the only question is dressed or undressed ? The Crab that is not me ....

There has been a lifeboat service operated from Cromer for two centuries - predating the establishent of the RNLI!
Most famous of the lifeboatmen was Henry Blogg, who received the RNLI gold medal for heroism three times, and the silver medal four times. Cromer Lifeboat Station was founded in 1804

Cromer Beach Huts

There are records of a Pier in Cromer back as far as 1391 although then it was more of a jetty. It is a very traditional Pier complete with it's on theatre.The Pavilion Theatre is a 510-seater venue perched on the end of the pier.
There were also lots of people of all ages fishing with crab lines off the end of the Pier.

It was really lovely to walk along the beach which was pretty much deserted.
The sand and shingle beach backs on to the North Norfolk cliffs. Rock pools are revealed at low tide. The lifeboat launches from the end of the pier.
We walked right down from the Pier to Beeston Regis ...and back again. Enjoyed a nice cool drink and a sandwich on the Pier in the glorious sunshine it was truly perfect.

Last day in Norfolk and as the weather is so good we headed for the beach at Cromer. Last time I went there it was wet and horrible so not good memories.
Actually tourism is a very important part of the local economy. The town is famous for the Cromer crab, which forms the major source of income for the local fishermen and is on sale in many of the local shops.

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