Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sonata Arctica-Triosphere- Labyrinth 18/3/11 Wolverhampton

Full Set List

Flag in the Ground
Last Amazing Grays
Blank File
As if the World
Paid in Full
Victoria's Secret
The Misery
Full Moon
In Black and White


Don't Say a Word
Vodka + Outro

I wrote in detail about Sonata Arctica on a previous post at the end of 2009 at the gig at JB's Dudley so will keep this one short.
SA never fail to deliver and always put out a powerful set.

Really enjoyed the Labyrinth set and it was great to have a chat with Andrea and Olaf afterwards. Andrea really reminded me of the late, great Ronnie James Dio in manner and sound. There is no bigger compliment than that.

Andrea Cantarelli

Had heard some very good reports about Labryinth but had never really heard much of their stuff before. They are a metal band formed in 1991 in Massa, Italy.

Next band on were Triosphere from Norway who were formed in 2004 and have released 2 albums. Vocals and Bass are provided by Ida Haukland who can certainly belt it out loud.

Been really looking forward to seeing SA again and so was Marina who had never seen them before. We were in for a fast and furious night as 4 bands were playing!
First on were a local band 'Awake by Design'. They were actually not bad but the lead singer was totally over the top ! He thought he was something between Freddie Mercury and Bono as kept running off into the crowd.


  1. Hey Pete,

    Great pics of SA!! Did they do any cover songs from other popular bands? One of my favs was "Still loving you" from the Scorpions and they sound awesome in the remake which is a lot faster too.

    yours truly Fernando

  2. Hello Fernando,

    Thanks mate not really. Although they had a few false starts with 'Full Moon' and ending up doing the start of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' by Bonnie Tyler. Which was very funny.
    The last time I saw them they did part of 'We will Rock You' by Queen .

    Cheers Peter

  3. I have alöways loved Sonata Arctica, but unfortuynately I have never agreed with the singer Tony Kako ,..
    Hisd voice is "awful" .. ;.)
    Or rather.. he can sing, but he has not the right technology ..

    Im sorry if my English not is god enoghf, but I do my best! ;)

    å yes! Hahahaha..

    Yes Im drunk to day.. .)