Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fish Pedicure

I have to admit I was more than a little apprehensive despite the reassurances. Also something of a crowd of onlookers had gathered pressing their noses against the windows.
Hesitantly I submerged my feet into the tank.. Those first 10 seconds were horrendous !!! Extreme tickling sensations but then as if by magic it stops and it becomes a totally relaxing experience. I had signed up for the full half hour session which really flew by.
These clever fish can also stimulate accupuncture points, helping to relax the body and release fatigue.
Blood circulation and flow is greatly increased during the treatment and apparently you can also have the full body experience if feeling really brave..

The little fishes in question who do all the work are 'Garra Rufa'.
In the wild, they operate as cleaners, removing dead scales from larger river fish. So my overworked and abused feet should provide a tasty treat.
The fish secrete Diathanol which is said to encourage skin regeneration.
This type of treatment has been used to aid conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema for centuries.

It is no great secret that my feet are not my finest asset... So after after some very negative feed back from some of the girls at College I decided to take drastic action. Why I was barefoot at College is another matter entirely.
It was actually my Doctor who suggested I give the fish a go. There was actually a tropical fish tank at the surgery but he was having none of it.


  1. You never did answer my question...How many of the poor little things survived?

  2. Hi Sari you can rest assured that not even a fin was diturbed. They had a lovely Sunday lunch , probably to the point of indigestion. I left some Rennies behind just in case!

  3. Hi Pete,

    Looks interesting, I have a relative of mine who has psoriasis and I would like to know just how effective those fish are in dealing with those scabs and flakes. The question is after the treatment, would that ultimately cure the disease or just treat it? In other words, do those fish really eat that down to the core? Let me know...

  4. Hi Fernando -

    I definitely would say it helps conditions like Psoriasis but is not a cure. I think you would also need very regular treatments at least fortnightly for it to have a long term effect.
    The fish only really nibble the top layer but it was something I wanted to give a try. My feet have certainlly benefitted from the experience.

    Cheers Peter

  5. Hi!
    Intresant posdt Peter!
    I have psoriasis, but this fgish is no cure for psoriasis .. Sorry! ;)
    Why did you let yourself be eaten? Dpo you have psoriasis? O r was it just for fun? ;)

    /from a fuckin drunk Fenfanfean!
    Yehae! :)