Sunday, 23 January 2011

Waxwing Walk

The grave of English Character actor Derek Nimmo in Easton Maudit churchyard.

The Church at Easton Maudit Northamptonshire.

We started the walk from the Church in the Village of Yardley Hastings Northants.

The parish church is dedicated to St Andrew has a 13th century west tower and the remains of a Norman wall.
From there we went cross country to the Village of Easton Maudit.
The church is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul and buried in the churchyard is the English Character Actor Derek Nimmo. (19 September 1930 – 24 February 1999). He was particularly associated with upper class twits and clerical roles.
We did a circular route which conveniently took us back to the pub at Yardley Hastings.

Part of the huge flock of Waxwings seen at Wootton Northampton as we started out.

Unfortunately the light was very poor for photos as it was a really murky day with low cloud.

After searching for several weeks I finally caught up with a huge flock of Waxwings.
Ironically these were not in some isolated wood or field, but by the roadside next to a school and housing estate. They were busy feeding on rose hips, cotoneaster fruits and dogwood berries.
Waxwings are a lovely bird characterised by soft silky plumage.They have unique red tips to some of the wing feathers where the shafts extend beyond the barbs these tips look like sealing wax, and give the the common name. The legs are short and strong, and the wings are pointed. The male and female have the same plumage.