Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bruce Parry Book Signing

I was working down in London at Canary wharf so it was too good an opportunity to pass to go to Waterstones at High St Kensington to meet Bruce.
There was already quite a crowd gathered as I arrived at the starting time of five- thirty.
Bruce is a former Royal Marine instructor who is now a TV presenter and adventurer, known particularly for the documentary programme series Tribe. The first series of Tribe saw Parry living with indigenous peoples in Gabon, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mongolia and Venezuela.
In 2008 this was followed up with 'Amazon'. He travelled over 6,000 km down the length of the Amazon River. Parry met and lived with tribes, coca growers, loggers and illegal miners during the six part series.
In 2010, over the course of one bright Arctic summer, Parry immersed himself in the lives of people living in the Far North (Arctic), From the Inuit of Greenland to Alaskan whalers and gold-diggers, Canadian oil-men, scientists, and bands of reindeer herders in the remote valleys of Siberia, Parry encountered first-hand the threats to culture, landscape and wildlife that are being felt there.
It was to the signing of 'Arctic' that I had gone to Waterstones.
It was great to meet Bruce who was exactly as he is on TV. We had a brief chat and joke along with a photo and I was really glad I made the effort!

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