Saturday, 17 December 2016

Norwich - Weekend Break

A pre - Christmas getaway at a luxury hotel set in 150 acres of woodland with it's own golf course! Just what the Doctor ordered. Not that I play golf these days of course ,long time since my sticks saw the light of day. I will take full advantage of the gym, pool,sauna, steam room and jacuzzi though thank you very much. Set just outside Norwich and locate half a mile from the 'Park 'n' Ride' the Dunston Hall is the perfect location. Saturday morning saw a trip into Norwich the County Town of Norfolk via the aforementioned 'Park 'n' Ride'. First port of call was the ancient market place, established by the Normans between 1071 and 1074, which is today the largest six-days-a-week open-air market in England. Very impressive and puts Northampton's to shame. From the market we took a short walk to Norwich Cathedral. The Norman Cathedral has stood for over 900 years !The cathedral spire, measuring at 315 ft or 96 m, is the second tallest in England despite being partly rebuilt after being struck by lightning in 1169. Inside the Cathedral is equally impressive. The ground plan remains almost entirely as it was in Norman times, except for that of the easternmost chapel. The cathedral has an unusually long nave of fourteen bays. I got talking to the Pastor who was telling me that he was evacuated from London to Weedon in Northants during the war. He also said that it costs £3000 a staggering day to heat the Cathedral. The Cloisters are the passageway that linked the different parts of the Cathedral. In the ceiling there are over a thousand bosses. What is a boss I hear you cry ? Well it is a knob or protrusion of stone or wood,often found in the ceilings of buildings, particularly at at the intersections of a rib vault. In Gothic architecture, such roof bosses are often intricately carved with foliage, heraldic devices or other decorations. Many feature animals, birds, or human figures or faces, sometimes realistic, but often grotesque: the Green Man is a frequent subject. I do love a Green Man so was very happy to capture the two below. From the Cathedral we took the short walk to Norwich Castle founded by William the Conqueror some time between 1066 and 1075. I didn't go inside the Castle but did walk all the way around which provided stunning views of the City and Cathedral. Definitely a great place to visit with plenty to see. Enjoyed a well earned couple of pints amongst the Norwich City football fans prior to their home game with Brentford. Was tempted to tag along but Mrs A had other ideas involving the 'John Lewis' store.

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