Saturday, 7 May 2016

Wilko Johnson & Joanne Shaw Taylor - Leamington Spa

A very interesting double bill with the up and coming Blues singer-songwriter Joanne Shaw Taylor and veteran ex Dr Feelgood rock/rhythm/blues singer,songwriter and guitarist Wilko Johnson.

Only familiar with one track by JST 'Mudhoney' that got a lot of airplay on Planet Rock. But i've heard her called the female 'Joe Bonamassa' who has called her 'a superstar in waiting'so high praise indeed. She also shares the same Producer as Joe Bonamassa in Kevin Shirley. Her influence include ;Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert Collins. We were actually here more to see JST more than the headliner Wilko Johnson in actual fact! As usual we got up close to the stage , to the left this time which made a change. The set kicked off with 'Mudhoney' which really set the tone for what was to follow. Over half of the songs came from her fourth and latest album 'The Dirty Truth' which she said was inspired by her ex-partner and his wandering ways..... Nothing like a cheating partner to get the creative writing juices flowing she added. Really enjoyed the set and I agree with JB we are going to see a whole more of her in the future.

Full Set List 
  •  Mudhoney
  • Outlaw Angel
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Tried, Tested and True
  • Jump that Train
  • Watch em' Burn
  • The Dirty Truth
‘I’m supposed to be dead!’ So said Wilko in a recent interview, having been diagnosed in late 2012 with terminal pancreatic cancer. But despite the doctors’ worst predictions he continued to perform and present himself with vigour and a new zest for life. In 2013, Wilko announced that, thanks to a second opinion and subsequent life-saving surgery, he was cancer-free. Canvey Islands finest teamed up with Lee Brilleaux in the mid 70's with Dr Feelgood. His biggest influence was the 'stabbing' style of Mick Green from Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. His style hasn't changed much since those days as he scurries and shuffles across the stage effortlessly with the occasional scowl thrown in for the audience. It is the simplicity that he brings to the songs such as; 'She Does It Right' 'Back in the Night' and a Chuck Berry tribute 'Bye Bye Johnny'. Wilko was backed by drummer, Dylan Howe, and ex-Blockhead Norman Watt-Roy on bass who provided funk and power and is quite a character.
On this form let’s hope he remains on the road for years to come after all he is only 68...

 Full Set List
  • Alright
  • If you want me, you've got me
  • The more I give (Dr Feelgood song)
  • Dr Dupree
  • Going back home (Dr Feelgood song)
  • Sneakin'suspicion  (Dr Feelgood song)
  • Keep on loving you
  • Wooly Bully (Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs song)
  • Machine gun guitar
  • The beautiful Madrilena
  • Paradise (Dr Feelgood song)
  • Everybody's carrying a gun
  • Back in the night (Dr Feelgood song)
  • She does it  right (Dr Feelgood song)
  • Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry song)

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