Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snakecharmer - The Stables, Wavendon

Snakecharmer are made up by former Whitesnake men Mickey Moody and Neil Murray and joined by ex Wishbone Ash guitarist Laurie Wisefield, Ozzy Osborne keyboard player Adam Wakeman (son of Rick), Thunder and Magnum drummer Harry James and Heartland vocalist Chris Ousey. With that line up you can't fail to be disappointed!
The soundcheck at The Stables, but we nearly didn't make it. What should have been a comfortable half hour journey actually took two hours. New we shouldn't have gone down the motorway as an accident near Newport Pagnell brought traffic to a standstill. The result being we missed the opening band , who they were I still dont know? It is always the case at The Stables that photography is banned. I didn't see one other person with a camera or phone which is highly unusual at a Rock concert. In fact they do have their very own covert band of female bouncers, oh yes. They are cunningly disguised as usherettes and Ice cream sellers but put one foot out of line and they pounce. Undaunted I was happy to let Marina take the ones used in this blog.
Lead Vocals Chris Ousey
Lead Guitar Micky Moody
However this is no usual Rock crowd, I think anyone under fifty would be in the minority. Although a smashing venue it doesn't really lend itself to an all seated Rock event. My theory is that the ageing male Rock fans are only allowed out on a Sunday evening if they take along their wife. I have heard some go as far to call them the 'Gin and Tonic set'.... Lots of pullovers and slacks in evidence, I even saw one chap wearing a Coldplay T shirt! Walking around bold as brass. Snakecharmer are not a Whitesnake tribute band, but with two Whitesnake legends on board they are going to cover Whitesnake but do remain a band in their own right. The set kicks off with "Guilty As Charged," one of the album's stand-out songs and follow up with another in the shape of "A Little Rock n Roll," before launching into 'Ready An' Willing' and we are off. Further Whitesnake tracks include; Walking in the Shadow of Love, Slow and Easy, Here I go again and the brilliant 'Fool for your Loving' encore.

The entire gig is superbly played as you would expect, with Moody and Wisefield trading off each other well, James showing his class being the kit and Wakeman holding the thing together, particularly with his fine Hammond Organ. Murray by contrast is content to stand in the shadows letting his more extrovert colleagues take the limelight.
Wonderful to meet Neil Murray and Micky Moody afterwards. Managed to get my book 'Playing with Trumpets' signed at long last by Micky.
Signed Setlist

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