Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bournemouth & Boscombe

Time to get away again and enjoy the heatwave currently anchored over the UK. Probably the equivalent of doing a rain dance we shall see? I'm very familiar with Bournemouth from childhood family holidays spent building sandcastles and running wild at Alum Chine where the sun never stopped shining or so it seemed back in the day. It was nostalgic to walk along the promenade again and nothing seemed to have changed from those halycon days except it had. It took me a while to realise just what it was as everything seemed in place. It was certainly much more multicultural than I remembered literally all nations were there in huge beach gatherings enjoying things in their own different ways. But it was me that had changed and try as I might even at my most wistful those feelings I once had back in the day were a million miles a way. Despite being blocked in the car park, kept awake by the wedding disco , breaking my tooth on a peanut and some pratt banging on the door at 6AM it was a nice hotel. Then again it should have been at the price per night ! The gardens were well maintained and lovely sea views. Sunday morning and another stroll along the promenade only this time in the opposite direction to Boscombe. I've always liked the idea of having your own private hut close to the beach to make a brew or get changed with a degree of privacy away from the masses. So imagine my delight to see the colour coded versions on the seafront , it was as though some had run through the Dulux paint charts , maybe they had? Have to say I enjoyed walking this way much better than yesterday and seemed a lot more going on. Lots of Kite Surfers which looked good fun and some novice surfers putting their nearly learned skills to the test. Walked out onto Boscombe Pier which gave some great views of the headland and beach. Got a decent photo of this particular kite surfer that I was pleased with. Thank you Bournemouth and Boscombe ! Next stop Weymouth.

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