Saturday, 11 May 2013

Stratford Upon Avon - May Bank Holiday

A Bank Holiday and glorious sunshine ! A rare combination indeed and far too nice to stay at home. What started out as a trip to Broadway in The Cotswolds ended up with a diversion to Leamington Spa. It seemed that we were not the only ones with the plan to have an away day and the roads were a nightmare. Salvation came in the form of the 'Park 'n' Ride' and we thankfully abandoned the car. All was fine until the bus broke down.... A quick transfer to a fully functioning bus and we were on our way again. In the Square there was a large gathering of vintage motorbikes and a mixture of classic and sports cars. All sorts of stuff on show including the £200,000 Mclaren P1 Sports car and various Aston Martins. Enjoyed looking at the old Triumph motorbikes especially the 'Bonneville'. After all this horsepower it was time fir a relaxing meander along the riverbank and some peace and tranquility. It seemed half of the midlands folk also had that idea , it was rammed! Still nice to see RSC theatre in sunlight for once and all the craft that had taken to the water. The lethal combination of too much sun and beer led to it's inevitable outcme as we witnessed a fight break out. Thankfully the local constabulary soon had the situation under control again.

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