Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cornwall 2012 - Treyarnon & Constantine bays

Treyarnon Bay will always be a special place for me as it is the place of so many childhood memories. Many of these come flooding back as we walk across the cliff tops and I take a few minutes to let them come back to me. Happy days mostly of times past and holidays that I never wanted to end. I have always said that it only takes 5 minutes to hear the roaring surf and to see the waves crashing on the rocks to feel a sense of freedom and peace.
This is a beautiful natural swimming pool that is only unveiled when the tide retreats. I remember taking 50p many years ago off my dad who bet me that I couldn't swim across it.
Along the cliff top there are several benches at various points dedicated to those who appreciated this area. 'The Captain and the Purple Lady' - The sun is always over the yardarm' strikes me as a lovely tribute. I like that sort of thing and can't help wondering what would be on my bench?
Constantine is possibly the best surfing beach of them all, and on this day there must have been at least 20 surfers in the chilly waters. It is named after the 6th Century Cornish Saint Constantine.

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