Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Yellow and the Blue

Good to get the bike out and get out onto the open roads of the Northamptonshire countryside for almost the first time this year. First of all not only was there a strange yellow thing up in the sky the field were awash with it too. Oilseed Rape seems to be everywhere and does divide opinion. For me it looks stunning when the sun is on it but there does seem to be an awful lot of it!
Since 2002 production of biodiesel has been steadily increasing in the EU and USA to 6 million metric tons in 2006, Rapeseed provides much of the vegetable oil needed. With improvements in agriculuture and more sophisticated pest control it is no surprise there is an increase. The uk is actually the worlds 7th largest producer behind France and Poland with China being the biggest producer. I'm please to say my elbow stood up to the bike ride and 25 miles were completed!
Later that evening I visited the Woods to see if I could see any Badger activity. It was just as the sun was setting and shining through the trees and was spectacular particularly as the Woods were filled with Bluebells. The word that springs to mind is 'tranquil' as nobody else in sight , no noise except for a few excited sheep in neighbouring fields.
I settled down in the undergrowth and prepared for a wait in cases any Badgers appeared out of their setts.... and waited and waited in fact I was glad I took a book with me. It was just etting dark around 9:15 and getting ready to depart when I saw the familiar site of a black and white head suspiciously poking out from it's hole. She did come out and was no more than 10 feet away and munched the peanuts I had scattred around earlier. A second Badger then even more nevously poked it's head out and then disapeared just as quickly.
By now the light under the canopy of trees had almost gone and the screeching of a Tawny Owl added to the eeriness of the situation. Last year I recall the Badgers leaving the setts much earlier in the evening but at least they still appear to be there. I just about managed to stumbke my way out of the Woods in the darkness and back to the car but I will be back!

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