Sunday, 4 September 2011

Nightwish 'The Islanders' Gathering

'The Evil Wench' & 'Tricky'

Iona and Alexia

At long last I managed to catch up With Tom Livermore who i'm sure has been avoiding me in the past? He also knows a good cake when he sees one.

The 'Cakemaker' Roz.

Thanks to Roz who baked the splendid 'Islanders' cake which I can confirm was very tasty.

As well as an update on all things Nightwish there was also a rather tricky quiz. Despite my best efforts I failed to make the frame and realised just how much I don't know!. The winners are pictured below.

Carol and Alex.

Good to travel down to the Pipeline Bar near Liverpool St Station in london for the inaugral 'Islanders' gathering.
For those who may not know the 'Islanders' is the British Isles Nightwish fanclub and organised by Alex Deas and Carol Walker. The name is taken from the Nightwish song 'The Islander' from 'Dark Passion Play'. a song highly influenced by folk music rather than the symphonic power metal usually played, and uses only acoustic guitars, rather than electric. So ties in nicely with the 'British Isles' based theme. I really wish i'd thought of that one!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time.

  2. Emmm the 'Islanders' cake seems to be very tasty...=)