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Tarot - Charleroi with Ethernity & The Man Eating Tree

'Wakka and friends with Marco after the gig.

It was fantastic that within minutes of the gig ending all the band came out into the bar area to sign autographs and pose for pictures. I have to say they really were all top guys and it's things like this that set most metal bands apart.

With Tommi

With Zac

With Marco

The sign off from a fantastic performance


'Brothers Hietala'

Tarot are a heavy metal band from Finland in the finest sense!
Originally formed by the Hietala brothers (Zac & Marco) in the early 80's. Back then the band’s name was called “Purgatory”. As Purgatory reached the point when they got the record deal, the label wanted them to change their name. Since then the band has been known as Tarot. The line-up settled in to the form of Marco Hietala (bass/vocals), Zachary Hietala (guitars), Mako H (guitars) and Pecu Cinnari (drums).
After the second album there was a hiatus in the band. During this “vacation” the line-up changed a little bit and a keyboardist was added to the band as Janne Tolsa joined Tarot and replaced the second guitarist Mako H.
Tarot gained new success in recent years when singer and bassist Marco Hietala joined Nightwish in 2002.

They delivered a full out metal extravaganza and sent the small but enthusiastic crowd wild!!As you would expect several tracks from their new album released in March 2010, entitled "Gravity of Light" were given an airing. Including 'I walk Forever' and 'Satan is Dead.'Mixed with classics such as 'Crows Fly Black' and 'Veteran of the Psychic Wars'
Marco was in his element as frontman and storyteller whilst Zac was monumental with his guitar playing. Pure power and agression backed up by the loudest drums i've heard in some time. Tommi also supplied vocal power in what was truly a memorable performance.
It seemed strange in these days of the UK smoking ban to see all the band smoking on stage! Maybe why the tour does not include UK dates ??

Full Set List

Sleep in the Dark
I Walk Forever
Satan is Dead
Crows Fly Black
Calling Down the Rain
Hell Knows
Veteran of the Psychic Wars
Pyre of the Gods
Rider of the Lst Day


Marco in full cry.

Next up were The Man Eating Tree a new atmospheric metal band featuring former Sentenced drummer Vesa Ranta alongside current/former members of Poisonblack Reflexion and Embraze.
The Man Eating Tree released its debut album, "Vine", in Finland on September 22 via Cobra Records and in other territories through Century Media Records.

The Man Eating Tree is:

Tuomas Tuominen (ex-Fall of the leafe) - Vocals
Janne Markus (Poisonblack) - Guitar
Mikko Uusimaa (Reflexion) - Bass
Heidi Määttä (ex-Embraze) - Keyboards
Vesa Ranta (ex-Sentenced) - Drums

It was a good enough performance and Tuomas put his heart and soul into it but it felt as though something was missing as far as I was concerned. Can't quite put my finger on it really?

A surprise was the T.M.E.T rendition of 'A Whiter shade of Pale' the Moody Blues classic which I have to say was very well done.

Tuomas Tuominen- T.M.E.T Frontman

It was surprising to arrive at the venue and not find crowds of fans outside?
Sadly the gig was not that well supported and was less than half full I guess.
Surprisingly there appeared to be two support bands lined up.

First band on where Ethernity a Progressive Power Metal band from Belgium founded in 2000 by Julien Spreutels (keyboards) and Nicolas Spreutels (drums). Some friends quickly joined the two brothers: Steve Widart and Thomas Henry on guitars and their cousin, François Spreutels on bass.

It took 4 years of searching to find the voice that fitted the band through Julie Colin.

In 2006, Ethernity recorded their debut album "The Journey". December 2006. In early 2007, Ethernity decided to part ways with Steve and welcomed Gregory Discenza as new lead guitarist.

In 2008, Ethernity recorded an EP/demo titled "Quest Of Forgiveness" studio. It helped to give the public an idea about the evolution of the band before recording a second album.
In 2009, Ethernity worked on finalizing the writing of the next album, still untitled.

Ethernity’s music can now be described as metal with a combination of dark and aggressive moments, gentleness, progressive and classical elements, catchy choruses, where melody excel above everything else. This mix has often allowed them to touch both the metal fans of all styles.

I was impressed with the Ethernity set and purchased the 'Quest of Forgiveness CD which all the band signed.

Definitely a band worth following for sure.

Julie Colin - Ethernity

Charleroi is notorious for violent crime.In March 2010, Geneviève Denisty, a Charleroi civil judge, in a court ruling, advised that a businessman living in Charleroi - who had been robbed several times at gunpoint - had provoked the robberies, as one must not "provide an ostentatious display of one's wealth in a poor and damaged region like Charleroi". Marc Dutroux, nicknamed "The Monster from Charleroi" actually lived in Marcinelle a municipality within the Charleroi borders.
The 'Coliseum' was conveniently located within the heart of the Red Light district. I did a trial run when we arrived mid afternoon and was propositioned at least four times!!. So it was with some trepidation that Trevor and I set off from our hotel under the cover of darkness...

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