Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Delain - Utrecht - with Kingfisher Sky & Stream of Passion

It was a tremendous ending to the April Rain Tour and a fitting farewell to Ewout who I wish all the luck for the future. It was great to meet all the band afterwards at the 'Afterparty'. Can't wait until next March with the new album and UK Tour which I already have tickets for.

Full Set List

Stay Forever
April Rain
Go Away
Day for Ghost (Feat George)
Come Closer
Start Swimming (Feat Ivar)
The Gathering
Sleepwalkers Dream
Control the Storm
Silhouette of a Dancer

Virtue & Vice/Nothing Left/Pristine

Charly and Ewout - Wonder what they were saying ..??

Charly and special guest George Oosthoek , what a character!

Otto 'Mr Cool'

Ewout and special guest Ivar De Graf showing what an accomplished guitar player he is as well as the drums.

Ewout -His last Delain gig and he played like a Demon

Charly - Getting the crowd going, not that they needed it !

The crowd at Tivoli Utrecht - Marina and me are about 3 back centre stage. Great atmosphere and super venue.

Stream of Passion released their debut album "Embrace the Storm" in 2005, and immediately gained the attention of female- fronted metal fans all over the globe with their unique sound. In 2009 they released 'The Flame Within.
Led by the voice and violin of Mexican-born Marcela Bovio, the new band line-up consists of talented and passionate Dutch musicians Johan van Stratum (bass guitar), Martijn Peters (drums), Jeffrey Revet (keyboards), Eric Hazebroek (guitars) and Stephan Schultz (lead guitar).
They certainly delivered a powerful and impressive set!

Kingfisher Sky area Dutch gothic/progressive rock band. Ivar de Graaf (Drums) left Within Temptation in 2001 to pursue his own musical interests and formed KS. There are many wide ranging musical influences including Kate Bush and Porcupine Tree.
The first album Hallway of Dreams was recorded in 2007 and released in October of the same year. Since then the band has completed numerous shows in the Netherlands both as headliner and support for related bands including Epica.
Kingfisher Sky also have classical cellist Maaike Peterse as a permanent band member after starting as a guest musician.
Trevor has been singing the praises of KS for some time to me and I loved their set. So much variety and diversity in the songs. Now I really must invest in the new album 'Skin of the Earth' released September 2010.

Kingfisher Sky

With 'Charly' after the gig during the 'Afterparty'

The chance of seeing Delain at Tivoli, Utrecht last Friday for the last gig of the April Rain tour was to much to resist. Particularly as it was to be guitarist Ewout Pieters last gig so mixed feelings.
It was lovely to take Marina as well as she was desperate to see them.
The train station at Utrecht was surprisingly massive , bigger than Amsterdam and took a while to navigate the way out.
Thankfully I met a guy in the toilets in a Metallica T shirt , and although I don't make a habit of talking to strangers in male toilets I asked him directions. Luckily he was on the way as well but being from Rotterdam he was following directions from a piece of paper.
It was a bout a 20 minute hike to the venue give or take a couple of wrong turns. The queue was already forming and who should be there but my travelling gig buddy Trevor from Colchester. It was a really early start with Kingfisher Sky on first at 18:20 according to the schedule.


  1. Nice gig but we will miss Ewout a lot... so sad.

  2. Hi Pete,

    That must of been a nice gig you went to. Awesome pics of them, glad to see you had a great time. I was browsing the other day listening to some of their songs and they sound great. She definitely has an angelic voice. Great work my friend...

    yours truly Fernando

  3. It was a great night for sure ! Worth checking out further Fernando.