Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tobago - Boat Trip

With our ever vigilant boat Captain and First Mate

Who says I can't multi task?

Lets all do the conga

I wanna party hard


Yours truly - Looking the part


Not being the best traveller i'm always very dubious about booking a boat trip. Especially since in my experience most end up in a drunken chaos with some poor Devil being made to walk the plank (Usually me). As well as being very sunburnt!
So it was against my better judgment that I let the ever persuasive and smiling Frankie sign Marina and myself up for a boat trip with Coastline snorkeling & beach BBQ. Frankie is one of those people who seem to pop up all over the place and then when you need him you can't find him for love nor money. Anyway re-assured by his comforting words of 'Don't worry man it's all cool' we booked our places.
We had hardly got out of the dock before the giant cool boxes of booze were cracked open. I said to Marina no way - I shall wait until I have been snorkelling before I indulge, best to keep a clear head. This lasted all of 5 minutes before seeing everyone else boozing and the heat got the better of me.
Actually the trip was fairly gentle as we took in beautiful views of the coastline as well as some wonderful marine life. We were lucky enough to see several Dolphins, Flying Fish and a Manta Ray.
We then dropped anchor at one of the reefs where I did some excellent snorkelling.
I was pleased to see a wide variety of fish which were spectacular including Angel and Parrot fish.
We then moved on to an island known as 'No mans land' where we enjoyed a beach BBQ and yes more drinking. By now the Rum Punches were in full flow.
After stumbling back on our boat the next stop was the to the Buccoo Reef, where the water is about 1 meter in depth. Local legend has it that you will become ten years younger when you swim in the 'Nylon Pool'. This is where the party really began and we were soon in full swing. Doing a giant water conga as we met up with other boats. The music was really pumping out from the boats and we danced like maniacs to such classics as 'I wanna Party Hard' and 'Watch me Parlancing' !!
It was all great fun and this is where we got to know Jenny and Stuart from our Hotel. Amazingly I hadn't been seasick or felt ill once, in fact we even hit the pool bar back at the hotel , still singing and waving our arms.

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