Sunday, 25 September 2016

Menorca - Ciutadella

The historic second city of Ciutadella, with it's beautiful harbour and elegant architecture was our first venture away from Sant Tomas. We caught the bus outside the hotel and the journey was about 45 minutes. The name Ciutadella means 'Little City'and it was the British who moved the capital to Mahon in 1722 due to it's deeper harbour. The harbour is flanked by the city walls and the fortified structure of the former Town Hall rising behind them. There is along narrow inlet full of yachts that outnumber the fishing boats.Plenty of cafes and bars to enjoy a cold beer in the sun , now that does sound a good idea!
In the In the ceremonial square (Placa de's Born) there is a large Obelisk that takes centre stage. It commemorates those who died defending the city against The Turks in 1558. Nearby is also the Cathedral de Santa Maria built in the early 14th century. Walking around the old city it is clear to see why it remains the religious capital of Menorca at least. Its Muslim legacy is evident on every corner and labrynth of streets. It really is like stepping back in history.

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