Friday, 17 July 2015

Wellingborough Carnival

The streets of Wellingborough were transformed into a riot of colour, music and dance when the Carnival came to town on Saturday 4th July. This year was Wellingborough Carnival's 107th parade, as schools, businesses, pubs, community groups and more dress up to bring carnival celebrations to Wellingborough. The colourful parade started at Broad Green at 1pm and wound its way through the town centre to Croyland Park. The official carnival theme was 'Anything Goes' so that narrowed it down a bit ... At Teamwork we decided rather late to put in an entry and loosely had a wild west theme. Well at least that was my interpretation although I seemed to be the only one dressed as a cowboy, the others all seemed to have a different take on the theme. The trusty Teamwork van underwent quite a transformation largely thanks to some hard work by Gordon. As well as the 'Stars n Stripes' and 'Confederate' flags, balloons and bunting there was a mobile sound system and light show. Apparently it was probably the best carnival turn out ever, certainly helped by the sunny weather! We collected about £50 in our buckets which wasn't too bad. Unfortunately the float next to us from 'Glamis Hall' took all the attention with their 'Granny on a scooter' who was very good and not unlike 'Mrs Brown off the t.v. The main thing was for the Teamwork members to have a bit of fun as well as promoting the charity by giving out 'goody bags' and stickers to the kiddies.

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