Saturday, 25 April 2015

Florence Trip - Florence Cathedral The Duomo

 The Duomo is probably the city's most iconic landmark. Capped by Filippo Brunelleschi's red-tiled cupola , it's a staggering construction whose breathtaking pink, white and green marble facade and graceful campanile (bell tower) dominate the medieval cityscape. It's always good to get to the highest point when somewhere different, although Marina may not agree with this...

Work began in 1296, but construction took almost 150 years and it wasn't consecrated until 1436. It needs a climb of some 436 interior steps to reach the top and to fully appreciate what a feat of engineering it really is. Apparently over 4 million bricks were used in the construction, and no I didn't count them!


The basilica is one of Italy's largest churches, and until development of new structural materials in the modern era, the dome was the largest in the world. It remains the largest brick dome ever constructed.Its almost impossible to describe just how impressive the Basilica is let alone the stunning views witnessed from the viewing balcony.


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