Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Gozo 2014 Part 1

The end of College and the chance of a week on Gozo (Ghawdex to the Maltese) was too tempting. 26 square miles of life in the slow lane was just what the Doctor ordered. First port of call was one of my favourite places 'Dwejra' and the stunning Azure Window. This giant stone archway caused centuries ago by geological faults. We returned again later in the week for some spectacular snorkelling in the deep dark blue waters surrounded by towering cliffs. It was a stunning place to snorkel diving down into the bluest water I have ever seen and home to a massive variety of fish. Nearby is the Inland Sea a crater filled with seawater that pours in through a concealed fissure in the rocky hillside. Visitors take boat trips through the narrow tunnel to get through to the other side of the Azure Window. Another excellent snorkelling spot was Hondoq to the east of the island. Hondoq has beautiful turqoise waters and a rocky beach that turns to sand makes it an ideal place for relaxing and catching the sun. Some wonderful sunsets and the photos don't really do them justice. The second one shows the sun setting over the Citadel in the capital Victoria. It has become a habit of mine to walk up to the old Lighthouse before breakfast and take in the stunning views from the summit.

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