Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cornwall 2013 - Newquay

The Island House

Good to be back in Cornwall again albeit a short visit and a different location to the usual haunts. This time we are down towards St Austell in a place called Par. Not much happening in Par so we caught the train to Newquay from Par conveniently just over the road.
Towan Beach
Have to say that for a £4 return ticket and an hours journey it represented pretty good value. The countryside was lovely and a chance to see some different scenery. Newquay is the Surf capital of the UK and probably the stag weekend and hen night capital too. Unfortunately the place has gone down hill in recent years which is a shame as the beaches are great.
Newquay Harbour
I've always been fascinated by the 'Island House' or 'The House in the Sea'. It is a 3 bedroomed house perched on an enormous beach rock and recently went on sale for 1 million pounds. The house was built on the top of Towan Island on the beach at , in the 1930s. The bridge was built in 1901 and is the only privately-owned suspension bridge in the country. When the tide is in the island is completely surrounded by water and from the top of the granite rock there are 360 degree views. Even today Newquay is still an important fishing port. Newquay once thrived as a Pilchard fishing port. When the shoals of Pilchards where spotted off the cliffs the Huer would call the fishermen to sea from his lookout in the hut. There are still tunnels under the town where railways used to run down to the harbour to take the catch to market. I wasn't expecting to see Grey Seals swimming in the harbour however! Apparently they are very well known and seen quite regularly and started by following the fishing boats carrying Mackerel into the harbour. They put on quite a show and knew we were watching them from up above on the harbour wall. Just enough time for a couple of swift beers before catching the last train back to Par.

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