Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Rob Brydon Show

I've never seen a TV programme being recorded before so this was too good an opportunity to miss. The recording was down at Teddington studios near to London where many classic series were recorded in Studio 1 including; all the Tommy Cooper shows, Beny Hill and Morecambe and Wise. Unfortunately there was a complete ban on any photography so the images used heres are taken from Google Images. The entrance to Teddington studios with ariel view.   Once all the audience was safely settled we had a 'warm up man' 'Steve Royle' to get everybody in a happy excited state . Actually he was quite funny and we also had some juggling. Then Rob Brydon came out and introduced himself and treated us to his legendary 'Ronnie Corbett' impression as well as 'Small man in a box'.
First guest of the night on the sofa was none other than the one and only music royalty himself Tom Jones. Cue rapturous applause and appreciation. The chat started off about his recent victory as 'coach' on the BBC Series 'The Voice'. Can't say I ever watched it in all honesty. Lots of chat about his music career and his influences such as Elvis, and other Blues and R&B acts. We were treated to a rare rendition of the old Elvis song 'Mess of the Blues' with Tom playing acoustic guitar and Rob providing backing vocals. I have to say the interview was hilarious and i'm sure a lot will have to be cut before the show is broadcast. Apart from the time aspect there were a few things Tom regretted saying in public I think!
Next guest out on the sofa was Emilia Fox who stars as Pathologist 'Dr Nikki Alexander' in the BBC series 'Silent Witness. I actually like that programme although she was a bit bland to be fair and didn't add a deal to the chat show.
Last up was Naturalist and TV Presenter 'Steve Backshall'. He was good value and told some good yarns of his experiences in the wild. In his TV series 'Deadly 60' he travels the world in search of predators that are, "Not just deadly to me, but deadly in their own world". He has dived with Great White, bull, Great Hammerhead and tiger sharks, caught king cobras, black mambas and lanceheads, had a redback spider on his hand and was bitten on screen by a caiman. It was a really great night and a great insight into what goes on to make a show. It will be intersting to see just how the show is edited when screened at the end of August this year.

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