Saturday, 25 February 2012

Elbow Operation

Friday 16th March

Thankfully the infection is back under control and coming out of hospital. I have been fitted with a removable cast that with velcro can be used easily. Got to get plenty of rest and keep taking the antibiotics.

Many thanks to all the wonderful staff at Three Shires Hospital Northampton who really looked after me!

The spreading infection after being re-admitted to hospital.


Monday 12th March

It was all going so well until I went back to work...
By lunchtime I was in a lot of pain and the elbow was swelling up like nobody's business. There was a powerful burning sensation and the whole arm was going redder by the minute. Went back to the hospital and the Doctor prescribed strong antibiotics which unfortunately had little or no impact.

Tuesday 13th March

Back to see the Specialist Mr Jepson who took one look and decided to admit me straight away to hospital for 2-3 days. I was put on a drip and given high dosages of antibiotics every 6 hours to fight the infection.

After the op I felt quite rough so they decided to keep me in overnight to be on the safe side. Probably not a bad thing as I had no feeling in my left hand and due to the painkillers was very sleepy.

Did have a fright when I woke in the early hours to find 'Kathy Bates' nursing me , thankfully it was just a lookalike.

Home after the op and looking a little pale.

Typically the swelling that had been a constant companion on my elbow for months decided to disapear the day before hospitalisation.

Under the care of Mr Alistair Jepson MB ChB FRCS (Tr & Orth)I was booked in for an excisionof olecranon bursa and debridement of degenerate triceps (including calcific deposit) left elbow - general combined with regional anaesthetic. I hope that clears things up for anyone who was curious.


  1. Just found your post Peter - albeit a few years late. I hope you are well, and I'm glad to have been of service.
    Alistair Jepson.

    1. Hello Alistair and how lovely to hear from you ! How on earth did you happen upon my humble blog ???
      You did a fantastic job on my elbow and not had a hint of trouble since (touch wood). I believe you are still working in Northampton ? I had to go to the physio place in Cliftonville very recently due to a shoulder impingement issue and I'm sure I saw your name on a list of emergency contacts.
      Hope you are well and as I say lovely to hear from you . Hope to catch up some time!