Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year Walk

The Windmill at Napton built around 1835 is now derelict but in decent condition.

Our walk took us canalside to the village of Napton and in particular 'The Folly Public House'. A warming log fire and 2 pints of 'Old Hookey Ale' went down very well indeed. The highlight on the way back was spotting a beautiful Peregrine Falcon perched in a bush by the canal before taking flight.

Yours truly enjoying the sun breaking through.

It is quite unusual to see Mistletoe growing wild. It actually grows on a wide variety of host trees. All mistletoes are hemi-parasites, bearing evergreen leaves and using the host tree for water and mineral nutrients. The Mistletoe actually first sprouts fron bird droppings !

Quite a chilly start before the sun broke through and we had some lovely blue skies.

The small Church in the grounds of Shucklburgh Hall that only hold services on rare occasions.

Immediately we had a steep climb that afforded wonderful views over open countryside. These cannons were at the top of the steepest part of the hill in the grounds of Shuckburgh Hall.

Our first walk of the year took us just over the County border into East Warwickshire. We left the car outside church of St John the Baptist in Lower Shuckburgh, which dates from 1864 and is built in Gothic style.
The village lies on the A425 road between Southam and Daventry. Just north of the village is the Oxford Canal.

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