Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tony Iommi Book signing- Birmingham

Tony Iommi on stage

The book that tells how Black Sabbath went on to become a superband, playing to massive audiences around the world and selling millions of records, and Iommi led the life of a rockstar to the fullest - with the scars from all the drug-fuelled nights of excess and wildness to show for it. Iron Man is his exclusive account of the life and adventures of one of rock's greatest heroes.

The most extraordinary thing is that his music creer was nearly ended at the very start when and industrial accident saw him lose his fingertips. His "revolutionary signature sound" being the result of the accident and experimentation with 'detuning' the guitar and lighter strings to ease the tension on his fingers.

Tony Iommi is a living legend in the world of Heavy metal there is no doubt. So the chance to meet him at the signing of his new autobiography 'Iron Man' was not to be missed. In fact along with Jimmy Page (Led Zeppellin) he is credited with creating the unique heavy metal riff.
In 1969 he formed Black Sabbath along with, Ozzy Osborne (Vocals), Bill Ward (Drums) and Terry (Geezer)Butler (Bass). Tony has remained the only ever present through numerous line up changes over the years.

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