Monday, 11 July 2011

Pandamonium in the Park - Althorp House

Full set list

  • Kung Fu Panda - Hero Theme

  • KFP - Oogway Theme

  • KFP - Medley

  • Megamind - Giant Blue Head

  • Megamind - Love Theme

  • How to train your Dragon - This is berk

  • KFP - Training sequence

  • KFP - Po's Theme

  • KFP 2 - Story of Peacock

  • True Romance - You're so cool

  • Bee Movie - Medley

  • Chicken Run - Main title escape montage

  • Super Megamind variations

  • Shrek - Fairytale theme

  • KFP 2 - Zen Ball

  • Stallion of the Cimarron - Homeland opening

  • Pirates of the Carribbean - Pirates Suite

  • Madagascar - Best Friends

  • Mdagascar - Moveit/Kung Fu Fighting

The beautiful setting of Althorp House.

Great concert - great musicians and a day to remember.

Is there nothing that this man can't play ?

Our compere for the concert 'Danny Jacobs' the voice of King Julien XIII from The Penguins of Madagascar doing a brilliant rendition of 'Move it'.

Tina Guo, who plays both acoustic and electric cello. and also plays in a progressive metal band, Off the Deep End.

The amazing larger than life Aleksey Igudesman, Russian violinist, composer, conductor and actor.

Hans Zimmer

John Powell

As well as the Philarmonic orchestra there were amazingly talented solo performers. Ann Marie Calhoun (Centre).

Hans playing a Kazoo

The legendary composer Hans Zimmer with John Powell in the background.

Decided to put down the picnic blanket and reserve a space close to the stage in plenty of time for the full philharmonic orchestra with Hans Zimmer and John Powell later in the late afternoon. A couple of pints of excellent if expensive Hobgoblin had made me a little drowsy. It was very pleasant dozing in the sunshine until the peace was shattered. Suddenly I was surrounded by hordes of teenage girls making hell of an excited noise. Unbeknown to me I was in prime position for the boy band 'Big Time Rush'. Time for a sharp exit to the beer tent! Next up was some guy who had won or maybe was runner up in Brittains got talent.From the beer tent I heard him murdering Evanescense's 'Bring me to life'. I decided to stay where I was and have another beer.

Big Time Rush

Amazing displays of dragon dancing by the legendary Chen Brothers, kung fu demonstrations by the Shaolin Monks, and martial arts performances by Nam Yang - many had travelled especially from China for the event.

The grand surroundings of historic Althorp House in Northamptonshire took on a decidedly Chinese flavour. DreamWorks Animation has arrived to bring an all-day family festival, Pandamonium in the Park, which will celebrate the cinematic release of Kung Fu Panda 2 on 10th June. The event was themed around Po, the lovable hero of Kung Fu Panda. The culmination of the day was a concert featuring a world first exclusive live performance by film composers Hans Zimmer and John Powell, featuring music from the Kung Fu Panda 2 musical score and many others.

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