Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Temperance Movement - Leicester Academy

Have to admit I didn't know too much in advance about The Temperance Movement. Not to be confused of course with The Temperance Seven who are something entirely different. Thanks to Planet Rock I was at least familiar with the two singles released from their self titled debut album; 'Only Friend & 'Midnight Black'. However before TTM there were support acts to be enjoyed. The first came in the form of Samuel Taylor. A young singer songwriter playing acoustic guitar and harmonica. He was pleasant enough on the ear without being over memorable in truth. The same cannot be said for the next band 'The Graveltones' who hit the stage all guns firing. The Aussie duo certainly created some noise for just a two piece band. Very reminiscent of 'The White Stripes' they made a big impression on the crowd for sure. The drummer 'Mikey' was actually playing 4 drumsticks at once. He was hitting the drums so hard the hi hats collapsed in submission at one stage. Formed in 2011 TTM are are 100% real Rock - nothing slick, nothing corporate about them. They have a genuineness that goes back to The Stones, Free, then more latterly The Black Crowes. If you like rock music with a good balance of light & shade, bluesy sound, catchy guitar riffs, terrific gritty vocals, and a few killer ballads, then 'The Temperance Movement' should be right up your street. Those gritty vocals mentioned above are readily provided by Glaswegian Phil Campbell. Something like a young Joe Cocker meeting Paul Rogers (Free/Bad Company) he is a real livewire on stage. My overwhelming feeling is that this tour is just a stepping stone for much bigger things to come for this band.

 Full Set List
  •  Midnight Black
  • Be Lucky
  • Smouldering
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Only Friend
  • Lovers & Fighters
  • Morning Riders
  • Know For Sure
  • Pride 
  • Aint No Telling
  • Take It Back
  • Serenity

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